Media Benefits

Channing Tatum, George Clooney and Director Ethan Coen at the press conference for "Hail, Caesar!"
Actor Jude Law at the press conference for "Genius"
Actress Julianne Moore at the press conference for "Maggie's Plan"
Well attended Berlinale press conference
Director Kenneth Branagh, Cate Blanchett and Stellan Skarsgard at the press conference for "Cinderella"
Juror Audrey Tautou at press conference.
Director Andrew Haigh and actress Charlotte Rampling at press conference for "45 Years".
Wim Wenders at press conference.


Media Benefits

The Press Conference Backdrop

Worldwide exposure for your brand

Displaying the Principal Partners' brand logos on the press conference backdrop guarantees maximum media exposure. For the entire period of the festival, up to eight high-profile press conferences are filmed by crews from major international tv stations each day.

The Berlinale itself records all press conferences in order to provide stock footage for media coverage. Press conferences are also streamed onto the Berlinale website, made available for on-demand viewing and are rebroadcasted every day of the festival by local public television station rbb.

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