Digital Cinema @ Berlinale

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EMC @ Berlinale 2014



Digital Cinema @ Berlinale 2014

Berlinale goes digital

The Berlinale is getting bigger and bigger and, at the same time, the number of films and film screenings is increasing. Under these circumstances the film distribution during the festival has become a major challenge for the Berlinale. Innovations in the digital cinema world have made it possible for the festival to try out different ways and measures of film distribution.

In 2014, all of the digital projections were shown in the digital cinema format (DCP), a few of them had to be transformed into this format in advance. Over 95% of the 2,500 film screenings at both the festival and the European Film Market were digital.
As the need of storage capacity is constantly growing, Berlinale uses colocation spaces in order to operate a high-performance storage system. Since 2014, the Berlinale stores all the film data centrally with a storage capacity of 400 TB.

The digital partners Colt, EMC, Barco, Dolby, Doremi, DVS and VIDI support the Berlinale in this process of digitisation. 

Please find more information concerning digital cinema at Berlinale in the official press release (see right side bar) as well as in the case study of our digital cinema partner EMC (see above).