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Samsung Smartfilm Award for the 63rd Berlinale

Six filmmakers, six perspectives, one city.

Using the motto „Discover Berlin in Motion“ Berlinale partner Samsung has launched a fascinating experiment: what happens, if six skilled directors are equipped with smart camera and tablet-PC to shoot a five-minute film tackling the frontiers of the capabilities of these devices?

Döndü Kilic, Jan Krüger, Claudia Lehmann, Myrna Maakaron, Meggie Schneider and Jan Soldat chose inspiring, provocative and touching perspectives on Berlin to present the city in an exciting new form. As a result of this project films between the poles of ambitious short film and spontaneous YouTube clip were created. A new film genre was born: the smartfilm. The smartfilm considers itself as a hybrid between short film and web clip, as clash between art and impulse.

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