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Berlinale Talents

The Festival's Networking Platform and Innovation Lab for Emerging Film Talent

At Berlinale Talents creatives, stars and innovators from the film and art worlds enter into dialogue with the festival’s audiences and network with 200 invited Talents from all disciplines in front of and behind the camera.

In an extensive programme of public talks, discussions and workshops, Berlinale Talents encourages exchange about films, TV series and how they came into being. For cineastes and industry professionals alike, the HAU Hebbel am Ufer theatre becomes the hot spot for encounters with audience favourites from the festival sections as well as many experts and stars from the film and art worlds who can only be met at Berlinale Talents.

Open-mindedness and a passion for discovery are the hallmarks of Berlinale Talents, the festival's hotbed of creativity: Jury President Meryl Streep discusses the role of women within the Hollywood system; Christo speaks about longevity in art; and film composer Ryuichi Sakamoto improvises live at the piano. Young creatives provide insights into their most recent web series from Finland; shed a light on queer cinema from Brazil; or critically question the state of film criticism in present-day Turkey. As with everywhere at the Berlinale, the audience can participate in the events and contribute their questions and opinions.

For the annual 200 emerging film and TV series makers from over 80 countries, the vibrant six days at Berlinale Talents are also a huge networking opportunity and a key step in their careers. In an industry that is often still characterised by ego, gender discrimination and hierarchies, at Berlinale Talents they practice and propagate an experiment in equal and fair teamwork across the boundaries of their disciplines.

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